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Hi, I have recently started a free service (Judo automotive) for people who have questions concerning cars, trucks and minivans. If you are buying a new or used car and you are not to sure witch one to purchase, I will help with your decision based on your needs and criteria. I know which cars to recommend since I work in the automotive industry and know of all the problems with different vehicles. I could also find you the best price available on a car near you at your local dealership (must live in canada).

For automotive information, contact me Justin D. by e-mail at ..

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It will make me happy to be able to serve you and to help you find the right car as I have done for many...

posted by  Justin_d89

We are looking at a 97 Ford Taurus, it has 1 problem. The engine light is constantly on. The seller said he had it checked out with a dianostic computer. He claims it has no engine problems. He says it is a sensor, it costs $150.00 to fix. This really scares me. I think we should run hard and fast away from this one. The asking price is $2995.00. We are set-up for a test drive Wednesday evening. Thanks for your kind offer to help people who have some knowledge, but do not have the insider, expert knowledge.

posted by  lilsisannie

Yeah, he is real sweet. Well...he's a slick middleman helping people unload their junk on poor unexpecting souls. He gets a payoff for doing that. It's like this - he rounds up poor souls looking to buy a car, with a smile on and puts in good words for someone trying to sell their junk and gets paid by the seller to do it. I know his game. He obviously doesn't mind bending the rules, as he has violated the rules of this forum about 5 times as it is just trying to get this sham out.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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