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ok so i just tried to put a power inverter in my car (not to hard right) well i pluged it into the cigarette lighter (it was only a 400 watt power inverter) and then turned the car, and nothing happened, not to bad right. Well i then turned off the car. A couple minutes later i came back and tried again and decided to try and turn on the radio, it didnt work, power on or anything. I started testing stuff, so far my radio and turn signals dont work and none of my fuses are blown. All from just putting a 400 watt power inverter into the cigarette lighter for a few seconds. Can anyone help me solve this problem. Im going to post in the help section too but any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for any help,


posted by  Volcomboarderp

Your story doesn't wash. All you did was plug in the inverter and now accessories start dropping off. Well Skippy, if the inverter overloaded the system (how many amp draw is it rated at?) the only thing it would do is blow a fuse. If you stuffed in a higher amperage fuse before plugging it in you may have cooked a wire or a fusable link. At any rate this is a problem of your own making and there is something (alot of things actually) you're not telling us.

posted by  vwhobo

At least you didn't get a leak in the Box of Blue Smoke. I agree it appears the fuse fairy took a hit. Somewhere there's a blown fuse... :orglaugh:

posted by  Comanderbob

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