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my mustang has been acting up on me lately...i would be acclerating and when the car goes to shift into the nest gear or go into overdrive it completely bogs down like it it was going to stall out then it would jump back up in rpm's...it would also just stall out on me when im driving... i was in an accident and my passenger said was hit...someone told me that it might be a igintion control box/module?? could that be the reason or could my spark plugs be bad?? if any one knows why this could be happen please help me out...thank you very much

posted by  Samba169

vwhobos' gonna want a lil more info before hes gonna help u out :D

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Dude, you read my mind.

posted by  vwhobo

spark plugs would be the first thing to jump into mind for me, but the ignition suggestion is valid also.have the plugs ever been changed on it before?

posted by  stangthis03

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