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This my first pontiac I always owned fords before somethings are on different places. It's a 3.0 litre, eng tag says .045 gap setting with no distributor. Was running fine now I have black smoke coming out the tail pipe while she idling or just driving down the street. once she gets to a certain rmp and the check eng lite comes on the smoke will stop for a while. As soon as the eng lite goes out the rpms drops and the smoke is back plus it the drives sluggish sometimes it will cut off. When placed in park it will most likely cut off on her own. Sometimes it won't cut off but then it has pre ignition when turned off and knocks for a while then cuts off. Also, the oil shows full but is pitchblack it was changed about 4-6 mos ago a tune-up was done at the same time. Where is the pcv valve located. I'm pretty handy with tools and would like to correct the problem myselfif possible. I'm new plugs,wires,airand oil filter, put in an eng detergent, change the oil, use a heavier weight oil 10/40 and putin a new pcv valve. Will this help? Plz help. Thanks for all your help in advance.

posted by  justmee2001

I don't recommend ever using engine detergent. I have seen perfect engines killed by the use of detergent. Oil was changed 4-6 months ago? Oil should be changed every 3K or (about) 3-4 months whichever comes first.

You changed engine oil weight... for some reason I get the feeling this is a worn out engine. Therefor I suggest checking its health with a compression and vacuum test just to rule out anything potentially major that could send us running around for awhile before finding the problem.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Look at that. Two days off the stupid pills and you give an excellent answer like that. I knew you had it in ya. :thumbs:

posted by  vwhobo

These guys hate me already. lol. Black smoke makes me think of a rich condition. If it was oil that was burning it would be blue. Too much fuel will blow black smoke out the exhaust. Does it smell like gas, make your eyes burn? Lots of things could make your engine run rich and a rich running engine will throw a check engine light too. It driving sluggish may mean your air/fuel ratio is way off due to this overfueling problem. When you shut it off, yet the car still wants to run its also called dieseling. One reason for this is that carbon build up on the valves or elsewhere in the combustion chamber can get red hot and become essentially a glow plug that ignites the extra fuel entering the chamber. At least thats what ive been told. This too would suggest that your car is running rich. Check your plugs, are they sooty black, that means rich or overfueling. Compression, O2s, fuel regulator, and coolant temp sensor are just some of the things that could cause this. Have the car scanned to see what the check engine light says and what your other sensors are relaying to the computer. It should get you closer.

posted by  hi.alt.perform

Get a new engine

posted by  barretire

It sounds like the same thing that was goin on in my sunbird. Mine was a bad sensor and they replaced my air filter. (it was 150$) after all that it runs with no problems.

posted by  89' SuNbIrD

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