94' GM 1500 Trans.

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I have a couple of problems with my trucks trans, or so I think....
While driving down the highway, going about 75ish, my truck will constantly shift down and back up. The thing won't make up its mind of which gear to be in. It happens when i try to speed up a little and on small hills. also, it doesn't hold it's speed steady. I am glad I don't have speed control, it would break in a week!

Second problem. I will drive in town and come to a stop. The truck will lurch forward right after I stop. most of the time its light, but one time it felt like a little car hit me! It freaked out my friend that was sitting next to me at the time. I went to the dealership to ask them what it might be, and they are always reluctant to give any answer that doesn't pertain to them getting money (typical).

Can anybody give me some advice?

posted by  asedely2003

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