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I am running a 1.9 L 1993 Ford Escort, and am having some trouble with the fuel gauge - it is constantly reading way above F when I know the tank is at least half empty. It just stays at F, never goes down at all.
I have recently done a bit of work with the fuel pump but it was fine after that. Then one day I was checking something and before disconnecting the hoses from the fuel pump I pulled up the inertia switch but forgot to crank the engine to completely clear the line of pressure - would this have caused this problem? Is there some way I can fix it or does the fuel level sensor need replacing? Any help would be much appreciated!

posted by  epagonizomai

Does no reply mean that I've stumped you all? :umh:

posted by  epagonizomai

I'm not comprehending what you are trying to say...

Nope. I saw this thread before, but was too lazy to post. Sorry. :ohcrap: This same question has been asked alot, and the answer is likely to be the same.

Well sir, your problem most likely lies in the following. Listed in most likely to least likely

You have a problem at the sending unit. Out of adjustment, float & arm stuck. Possibly grounded at that point.

Bad gauge.

A ground somewhere between the sending unit, and gauge.

EDIT: I thought I'd mention this. Pull the sending unit wire off at the tank. Check on your gauge then. Let me know what your gauge reads with the wire pulled and I'll save you some diagnosing.

posted by  DodgeRida67

remove your back seats you will see a cover to the fuel pump, make sure to get a new sensor and gasket,

posted by  barretire

Thanks DodgeRida for the reply. I tried what you said in your edit - I'm assuming that when you refer to the sending unit wire you are talking about the wire that comes in through the fuel pump cover under the back seat. I've disconnected it and had no change in the gauge. It still reads way above F. I should mention actually, that when I put the key in the ignition and turn it to run (without cranking the engine), and the fuel pump runs for a brief second, then the fuel gauge goes down a bit (for about a second) then heads back up to above F again. Not sure if that is worth knowing or in any way helpful.

Any idea as to the diagnosis?

posted by  epagonizomai

If you indeed did pull the correct wire, then your problem is either a bad gauge, or you have a ground somewhere between the gauge and where you disconnected that sending unit wire from.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I've just realized something - the wires that come into the sending unit - there are four of them, one of which is a ground that attaches to the top of the sending unit. This ground has rusted out and is no longer attached to the sending unit. Would this be the problem? (i.e. is this the ground you are referring to that would be causing the problem?)

posted by  epagonizomai

Can't say for sure as it seems as you aren't telling me everything I should know. But, no.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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