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I'm new here and I have a question about air intake systems.

I installed a new K&N intake system to my 88 civic hatchback. It is working great except that I noticed the temperature gauge almost hits the red line and then when I step on the gas, after a few seconds, it will go to the middle of the gauge. I think my engine is not getting enough air to cool it or there is something else that needs to be done to the engine beside just removing the existing air intake system.

This concerns me a bit. Is there something I could do or fix it so that it doesnt hit the red line again? I have done no other modifications or replacements in the engine.

thanks for you advice,
Will :?:

posted by  wk6pack

Someone here is editing because I posted a response to this and it disappeared.

The chances of installing an intake causing the engine to run hot are basically zero. My guess is that you have a cooling system malfunction that coincidentally surfaced at the same time. Did you disconnect anything else while performing the job?

posted by  vwhobo

The only thing that got disconnected is the battery. Oh, there was something else that required disconnecting, there was an exit air thingy to the air intake system. There was some coolent leaking at the time.

Could this be it??


posted by  wk6pack

I think you hit the nail on the head. This engine can be rather particular about being bled correctly if the cooling system has been opened. First make sure the radiator is full with a cold engine. Then fill the coolant recovery tank and start it, turn the heater on and let the engine go through a heat cycle. Don't take off the radiator cap, let it pull from the tank. Only top off the tank, don't take off the radiator cap, very important. Should be good to go.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks. I had to add 2L of coolent. Boy, I didnt know it was that low.
thanks again for the insight.


posted by  wk6pack

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