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ive got an 89 toyota tercel that just wont pass ohio emissions, therefore i cant drive it. its a carbureted 5 speed. the only part its failing now is the nox test, its failing by almost 1000 ppm. ive replaced just about everything i can on it. feul,air,oil filters. o2 sensor, pcv valve,plugs,wires,cap,rotor,thermostat.
i took the egr valve off and cleaned it and installed new gasket (it was almost totally clogged). i tried to clean the manifold where the egr goes as best i could, im sure its still dirty in there. it does burn a little oil which im sure doesnt help matters. would going for a valve job be my next step? or maybe a carb rebuild? the car runs great and its only has 150k miles which aint a whole lot for that car. the only problem i have with it is it doesnt always like to start when its hot, but after a couple seconds of cranking and hitting the gas pedal it fires right up. i just bought it as a beater work car to save me some gas money and to keep my truck a little cleaner ( i work construction). thanks for any help or insight guys.

posted by  soundguy

got it fixed. replaced the cat and passed fine. that didnt help with not wanting to start when hot though.

posted by  soundguy

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