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I had my 89 VW Fox 1.8L engine rebuilt but only the top end of the valve guides, valve seals, rod bearings, lifters, the
head was machined, new timing belt, etc. Before having the engine
rebuilt it ran quite smooth although it was going through alot of oil
and head gasket was shot. The garage where i had the work done gave me
a decent price to rebuild the top end of engine so i went with them.
After getting the engine back together they had a start
would crank turnover and run for 3 secs and shut down....the mechanic
working on it couldnt seem to figure it out then came to a conclusion
that it was the fuel distribution unit causing the problem...i told
him that i thought it was highly unlikey cause before bringing it in
it ran fine and fuel delivery was perfect and what are the chances of
the fuel distribution unit going bad...they last a i thought.
Anyways 2 weeks later which was yesterday he said the car is done
and ready..i get my car back it seemed to be running great but then
once i get up to speed and cruise like say 30mph or 40mph around town
it seems to be searching for its surging ever slighty but
its definately there...i'm thinking its a fuel delivery problem or
timing related.
What do some of the members think some of the possibilities are?
Thanks for any help in advance.

posted by  spinrite

1. Injectors not installed/sealed correctly or damaged on installation.
2. Simple vacuum leak, cracked hose, loose oil filler cap (yes it can do that).
3. Timing belt possibly off one tooth.
4. What did it take him two weeks to get sorted out? This may lead to the reason for your problem.
5. You say they gave you a "decent price". It sounds to me like you mean the cheapest price. You may have just gotten what you paid for.
6. Rod bearings on a top end job? Either you're mistaken or got taken.

posted by  vwhobo

thxs for your response....i'm having the problem checked out by a more experienced vw mechanic this coming tuesday. i'll let you know what the cause was.

posted by  spinrite

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