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does anybody know how to remove the original factory installed ford focus cd player? or do they know any good sites to go to that will help you remove the cd player, that are free sites? i really need help with this. if anybody could help i would be sooooo happy


posted by  h8tnschool

YO! Just a suggestion if your going to do it yourself.... you need to goto an car audio shop or i believe (napa) auto parts stores carry the adapter plug
( specific to your focus ) that connects to the plug you pull out of your stock cd player to your aftermaket stereo!, its nice and neat..w/no splicing its about a 15 to 30 bucks... and if you dont you'll have wierd electrical issues that will have little or nothing to do with your audio system!!! me! =) good luck

posted by  h20god88

Using an adapter may make the job easier, but is not necessarily better. Anyone who is remotely competent with wiring can do a fine job of splicing into the harness and have absolutely no "wierd electrical issues".

More to the point, he asked for help on the removal, not your opinion on the wiring. I don't have an answer for him, but then neither do you. Maybe I'll have my son the stereo install god tell me how and I'll share the info.

posted by  vwhobo

thats an ez one
u need a ford radio puller
2 u like thing that u stick in each side. 2 holes on each side
stick in push a part <-----> then hold that spot as u pull
( it may be push in not out ---> <--- and pull
i used on my f150 i got then at wallmart or u can auto zone or any stero shop

posted by  f150_2000

No factory Puller needed, Just use an old wire hanger, 2 pieces bent into "U " shapes... push it in , push apart <-------> and then pull out at that position, even the reverse might work also ----><----- then pull out... try it,,, and its free best of all... harness you can figure out by the other members inputs.

posted by  originaltaxi

just go to a auto parts store get a DIN removal tool 3 or 4 bucks. they are already formed in the u shape mentioned above but you dont have to fight with an unwilling hanger............they are so inexpensive and available wal marts even have them...............all newer ford radios use this........just stick the tools in the holes squeeze them towards the center of the radio and slides right out

posted by  2wheelride

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