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Anyone who's having AC problems should check out the video on this site!

Advance Auto Video Clinics (

They provide simple diagnostic steps that anyone can follow, should at least help you narrow down your problem if not solve it. They start off telling you that if your AC is not working, it's either an electrical or pressure problem, and then they show you how to diagnose either.** They even have a cheap UV product on there that could help you check for leaks! Who knew! (okay maybe everyone but I sure as hell didn't).

The only problem I had viewing the video was I couldn't rewind or fast forward using Windows Media Player it in the format it's in. But I imagine either that won't be much of a problem, or maybe you could just download it if you have a broadband connection and save it in another format before viewing.

**If you're new to working on your AC, please note that they start off with a system that has leaked out all of its freon. If you've still got freon in yours, be sure and ask questions before disconnecting anything other than an electrical connector or the low pressure cap.

posted by  JaneiR36

Does this go for both R-12 and the "environmentally friendly" R-134a? It gets confusing, especially as the latter is sold all over the stores without any kind of restriction.

PS: I felt kind of silly when I realized I had posted this in the winter. :laughing: At least there are other tutorials on the site one could benefit from (battery, fuel economy, getting ready for winter, headlights, etc).

posted by  JaneiR36

Oh, I wanted to thank you for posting the extra information, but the forum software screwed me over and I just decided to move on.

But anyway, right now, can somebody shoot me, please?

I just saw the same AC gauge I bought in advance auto for $9.99 in Walmart for 50 cents!!!!! Granted, the AA one did come with a free thermometer, but who the hell needs a thermometer, anyway. It's either cold or it ain't. :cussing: There's no mistaking it when your AC doesn't work. Now I just leave it in my vent as a decoration.... kinda like a wall clock.

Also the walmart price is sort of a sale price. What I don't know is if this is Black Friday only, or just one of their regular sales. The normal price of this product in Walmart is about $2.73. Still, I'm an idiot for getting ripped off so! :ohcrap:

posted by  JaneiR36

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