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i have a 1994 chevy g20 cargo van with a 350 engine, throttle body injection. the van has very high miles, 230k. im kinda surprised it has lasted this long. it has always ran great up untill this. i was coming home from a show and decided to stop at the gas station(@3:00 am). the light turned green, i gave it gas and it bogged down real bad like it was going to stall. i let off the gas then feathered on it a little and it finally picked back up enough to get me out of the road. halfway up the inclined driveway to the gas station the van just died. attempted restart, no dice. i sat for a good 20 minutes. cranked it and gave it quite a bit of gas and finally it started but i had to keep the gas on pretty good. at any rate i managed to limp home an hour away. once i got on the highway it seemed fine, plenty of power. now it starts fine but it seems like its missing pretty bad. ill give it gas and it will bog down again then i feather the pedal and finally it will rev up. its also blowing some nasty lookin black smoke. it looks like the coil is pumping out plenty of juice. is my engine shot? or might this be fuel related? thanks for any help

posted by  soundguy

Pull codes and let us know what you come up with.

posted by  vwhobo

thanks dude. i will try to pull my codes tomorrow hopefully. also do you think you can help on my other post about the 89 tercel?

posted by  soundguy

If he can, and wants to, he will. You don't have to ask here. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

tried to pull codes by jumpering a&b on the plug deal, but there are none. it just flashes 12 like theres no problem. the check engine light never came on when my problem happened. is there a more thorough way to try to get them, or does this mean there are no codes? thanks

posted by  soundguy

bump. i've been working on two other vehicles while this has been going on. i have rebuilt the tbi, new egr, new plugs, new filters all around. compression is ok. im thinking either fuel pump or clogged cat. as i said before i have no codes. any insight guys? thanks

posted by  soundguy

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