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Good question but at 3 in the morning you should be sleeping, not typing things that make me think. Speaking of making me think, where did Snoope go?

Anyway the answer is B, or maybe 2, whatever. However there are still positive and negative pressure or flow systems, same basic terminology as you used but different process.

Quite simply a positive flow system has an electric pump inside or just outside the tank. There is positve pressure all the way to the engine. A negative flow system has the fuel pump on the engine (mechanical) or near the engine (electric) and has to pull the fuel from the tank. The advantage of a positive flow system is far lower chance of vapor lock. There are some minor variations to this but....

Now for the idea of a pressurized gas tank. I'm thinking you may have been falling asleep when you typed that and forgot about the concept of a bomb. 8) See ya.

posted by  vwhobo

Just wanted to know if fuel pumps work off positive or negative pressure?
like does the fuel pump pressurise the tank and push fuel through the system or does it suck fuel through its self and into the system? Or are there both kinds?
Just something i though i should learn, so im asking,

P.S: sry about all the typos and spelling mistakes its 3 am and im friggin tired.

THX in advance

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

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