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My Dad has a 1990 Lumina, and one of the rims is slightly warped. He's been whining about it forever, and has only found one replacement rim for $400, and didn't feel the need to spend that much on it.

I've found a barely used, great condition rim, for $75, and I want to get it for him. Only problem is, is that I do not know if it is 16" stock or 15" stock.


Does anybody know whether it is 16" or 15"?

Stock Alluminum Rims.

posted by  Leuthesius

Instead of taking the time to register on this forum and then type this post, wouldn't it be quicker to look at the car? Or if the car is not readily available for you to look at, ask your father?

At any rate, how do you know if this "rim" (otherwise know as a wheel by those of us who use the English language correctly) is worth a damn if you're not even sure of the size. This to me appears to be just another in a long line of nonsense posts that will never be followed up on.

posted by  vwhobo

One problem with that. I've left the parental nest. I no longer live with him, and I'm at work.

posted by  Leuthesius

check out your local junkyards, they know what you have. you should find one with minimum hassle for under $30

posted by  soundguy

Ah yes... but there's at least one fly in your gravy. If you talk to your father often enough to hear him "whining about it forever", you talk to him often enough to ask the question. Perhaps they don't have telephones where you live. Perhaps your not very smart. Perhaps you're just bursting at the seams with bullsh*t but would rather make excuses than do your part. Either way perhaps I've wasted enough of my time with you.

posted by  vwhobo

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