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My rear defogger is not working. When I push the dash board switch, it clicks, U can hear relay click sound from the dash board. Light in dash console lights up but nothing on the rear window happens. All lines on the rear window are connected, but I can't see the cables coming out from the window wire lines. Its all hidden in the side plastic panel kind of thing. If anybody knows about the problem, please post your help. It'll be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

posted by  shami

Gte a test light and touch it on the grids in the rear window, look for any cuts in the grid, If it lights up near the wire but not anywhere on the grid then there is probably a cut in tnhe grid. You can repair this with liquid rear window defroster repair.

posted by  barretire

Where I can find/buy this kind of Test Light. Is this light is specifically made for Defogger Grid Testing? Any other thing I can look into to find the cause of malfunctioning? Thanks a bunch.

posted by  shami

a regular test light at auto shops will do.. or voltmeter.. well like barret said, look at grid codition.. auto shops sell rear defogger paint if ur case is a grid cut..

posted by  thongsai

What he is talking about is just a standard 12 volt test light. The test light will have a ground clip on one end and a probe on the other. Hook the clip to any good ground and probe the grid. One side should have 12 volts and the light will light. You can also use any kind of Volt meter. Since none of your lines are working likely the power wire where it connects to the window grid is not connected. Could also be disconnected at the relay you hear click or you could have a bad fuse. I would start at the relay, both the heavy wires should have 12 volts when it is turnned on and the engine is running. If you do not have 12 volts there then check the fuse. If you have 12 volts on both heavy wires of the relay then go to the rear window and find the heavy wire where it conncets to the window. The heavy wire on the other side of the window must be connecter to a good ground.

posted by  Boatist

Thanks for the tips here, I found this info very helpful. I was able to test all defogger lines, but even after using the Permatex liquid defogger repair kit, some of the lines I repaired test OK for continuity but still don't heat up. My understanding is that at a certain age (maybe 12 years)? the lines still can conduct electricity, they just become too resistant. Is this correct? Is there anything else I can try?



posted by  rlandolfi

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