HELP 91 Nissan Maxima SE - Possible Sensor probs??

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Hello all, I have a 1991 Nissan Maxima SE 3.0L V6 - anyhoo, over the last month or so I've noticed that my E-brake light turns on and off intermittently (its completely random). And NO I did not leave the brake on..
I kind of just brushed it off after asking a few people who said its probably just a sensor...however, yesterday I started my car and depressed the brake pedal in order to change the gear into Drive and it would not budge. For some reason the 'switch' to unlock my shifter from the brake pedal was not getting pressed. I was wondering if that could be what my car was warning me about..but if so, why would the E-brake light turn on as opposed to the anti-lock (since anti-lock actually affects those brakes and not the ebrake)?
Also, I noticed that about a week ago I filled up my gas tank and my fuel odometer wont go past 3/4 full, but the gas pump stopped cause obviously my tank was full! I also filled it again yesterday and the same thing happened so I know its my cars sensor and not that gas stations - but with the both of these issues occuring relatively at the same time, could there be some kind of problem with a fuse or something electrical?? I have no clue when it comes to cars, and would appreciate any input into the situation. Thanks!! :laughing:

posted by  LMaRiE91MaXiMa

I'm going to say these occurrences are incidental. I'm going to suggest you take it to a garage.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I warned you all that I dont know much about cars, and here's proof:
Turns out that the E-brake light was luminated because I needed brake fluid!!! :doh: Doh! (ya learn somethin new everyday, huh??)

posted by  LMaRiE91MaXiMa

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