95 dodge neon w/ a leak

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Hi! My 95 Neon (auto trans) has developed an oil leak. Took it to get the oil changed and was told they would't do it because of a front seal leak. My question is how hard is it to repair this problem and about how much do the part(s) cost. Thanks!

posted by  modinin

Well now, let's see. Wait, I'm having trouble with my crystal ball. Oh, here it comes... nope it just crapped out.

Seriously, how exactly do you expect someone to give you a reasonable and thoughtful answer with so little information? Just for you I'll give it my best shot. Somewhere between $20 and $2000. How's that for an estimate?

posted by  vwhobo

You need to have someone put some die in your trany with a blacklight to pinpoint the leak.

posted by  barretire

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