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i put this into another forum and was told that i had no problem. i would just like to confirm this. the car is a 1993 nissan micra automatic SLX (what does SLX mean? is there a website that explains car abbreviations?).

err, it came off when i drove slowly over a curb. well it ripped off on one side and, lacking the tools and a long way from home, we decided it were best to rip off the other side.
now, i cant see that it really did anything hugely significant, but does anybody know how important it is? i imagine that it is used to cool down the secondary catalytic converter and also acts as protection for it too.
should i see a mechanic about getting it back on/replaced or can i drive without it. whats the worst that can happen with it off? i usually use the car for long distance weekend trips (ie, 100-300 miles each way, with 'motorway' speeds).
the trouble is, it cant simply be bolted back on, because the things it bolted onto were the bits we ripped off. will the car pass its mot if i leave it off?

i received two replies already which are posted at the bottom.
also, how much would you think it would cost to put back on if putting it back on was an option?
thanks in advance,

1. i don't have mine on. it was hitting my short shifter so i just left it off. been like that for ages now and i havent had any troubles.
2. MOT probably wouldn't even notice it mate, you should be fine.

posted by  taa2609

It will be just fine driving without it. Stay off the curbs they weren't built to drive over. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

I drive without mine no problems..

posted by  barretire

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