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I have a 2000 Merc Grand Marquis. The speed of the power windows in this car slows down as the temperature drops. Is there a quick fix for this or is this a problem common to all and is something I will have to live with.

posted by  inmavt2

It would seem to me that as things get colder and contract, more drag would be present. The grease in the window mechanisms would likely get "thicker" as the temp drops as well, increasing drag even more. Just rudementary physics thoughts.

posted by  dennikro

Question I have is do all the windows slow down or just one??
One thing I have found that help on hard to roll up and down manual windows to lube all the tracks. For the window track it self I use silicon spray lube. The tracks for the regulateor and the bearings I also stray with Silicon spray. The Bearings I like to lube with a good Chassis lube.
Hope this will help. Let us know how you make out.

posted by  Boatist

[QUOTE=Boatist]Question I have is do all the windows slow down or just one??
All the windows in the vehicle slow down rather dramatically as the temp decreases. I have never experienced this with any other car with power windows. The windows are manipulated by a cable system and a rather small motor, in comparison to others I have seen. I have talked with a couple of other people and this appears to be a problem with them as well

posted by  inmavt2

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