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Hi folks, newbie to the site, but hope I can find some help here.

A few days ago, a grinding sound started with our 99 Dodge Grand Caravan. I'm not too bright about car problems, but here is what I know.

Automatic transmission

grinding sound in reverse and 1st (sounds like it's coming from the left front area). It disappears when the van shifts to 2nd, 3rd, but sounds like it re-appears when overdrive kicks in (It's hard to tell with OD with wind noise). It does it whether the engine is hot or cold.

Fluid level is ok and pink. Smells fine.

We had the transmission overhauled last year and the planetary gear assembly, converter, and pump were replaced. Have had no problems until a few days ago. I got this info off the service slip.

I took it to the same dealer today and they drove it. Said everything is shifting fine and they are stumped as to where the sound is coming from. They recommended I keep driving it and not worry :screwy: Said it would take 6 hours just to tear it down and see if the problem is with the transmission.

I searched the posts here, but couldn't find anything exactly matching my symptoms.

If anybody can help, I sure need some expert advice here. Thanks!!!


posted by  Adamsdad

I really would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

posted by  Adamsdad

We had a 2000 Grand Caravan. 3 transmissions in 99,000 miles. The last one that was replaced made the same sounds as you are talking about. Its possible that it could be something else, drive axil, cv joints, ect. if this vehicle is so equipped. Sounds like transmission to me though.

posted by  Gater

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