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I'm an new guy to the fourm..I have a 92 Ford Tempo 2.3L...130,000 miles. I bought it with 50,000. I put new plugs, wires, etc on at 100,000 miles. New trans in at 100,000

Problem, for the past 1-1/2 years, I have replaced the mass flow regulator, EVERY SIX MONTHS!! bought part from Autozone, after code indicated replacement. (lost power at say 45 mph while running.)..That would take care of problem for around 6 months (approx 8,000 miles) then repeat itself..replace again.

Last time, code read running lean..I replaced the Ox sensor :evil: ...then one week later, same problem (Now code indicated ANOTHER Mass Flow reg)...I replace that, this is about the 3rd Mas Flow reg now I am getting same PROBLEM..(loosing power)..problems is not as bad as before but I replace Ox sensor only a week ago.

Could it be the Catalyic Convertor? or other problem? Anything that I can find/fix myslef. IF IT IS Catalyic convertor--(plugged?) how do the get plugged and what do you do to un-plug one? How expensive is new catalyic convertor

Thanks :smoke: fan man.

posted by  fanman

I used to drive a 92 Ford Tempo with over 100,000 miles and I had power loss problems too. After spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time, I was just checking vacuum hoses looking for a needle in a haystack when I realized that there was a black hose connected to the side of the intake that was spewing a stream of gas directly into the intake. To make it stream gas, you must put just a little bit of suction on the end when it is disconnected from the intake. This hose is supposed to shoot a light mist of gasoline when the engine accelerates, not a stream.
Anyway, the hose is connected to a round gold (on my car) fuel regulator. In mine, the valve inside was shot. I don't know a whole lot about car fuel systems, but I did have the exact same problem and this is what was wrong with my exact same car at about the same time.

posted by  hexmontril

So are you saying you SAW a hose leak that lead you to this fuel regulator? And did you replace the fuel regulator yourself, is that a hard thing to do? Did you replace the hose? I don't understand the sequence of what happened that took care of the problem. Also before you FIXED it, was the problem intermediate or did it happen most of the time? Thanks, fanman :banghead:

posted by  fanman

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