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i am currently (right this moment)trying to re-attach my transmission to the block, and i'm stuck. i got the new manual tranny up on all its mounts (3) and the bell housing is about 1/2" from the block. i dont want to go ahead and close it up, because i'm really scared the input-shaft (the axle inside the bellhousing that the clutch connects to) isn't fully engaged to the clutch. my question is, how can i be sure the input-shaft is connected? -- i got underneath and went to the inspection cover, where the lower quarter of the flywheel is visible, and i tried to turn the flywheel with a rod, and it couldn't turn. i didn't try too hard, but does this mean they're connected? i dont want the teeth to be off.

different quick question: with the tranny, off the car, all by itself (the 5spd one) and in neutral, i could only turn the input-shaft one revolution by hand before it just stopped, and i couldn't turn it anymore. even in a gear, same story. i know an engine has a lot more power than i do, but shouldn't i be able to spin it all day by hand?

car is a 1994 mitsubishi galant, very basic transmission/engine setup.

posted by  peanotation

If you have the transmission bellhousing 1/2" from the block, then, the input shaft is engaged with the clutch disc. You have nothing to worry about other than when you fully close the gap, the pins and/or bolt holes must line up. If they don't... Come back.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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