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ok here goes :)

i have a mitsubishi l300 2.5 turbo diesel van 1997 i live in the uk

i put the van in for the road test ie MOT and failed on a few non working lights, one of which was no fog light so i had the fog light lying in the back and rewired it up, offside back light was out to found was a fuse so fixed that too and the from light had a bad earth so was very dim so i fixed that too.

trouble was after doing all this which took about 2 and half hours with the lights mostly on ect i needed my friend to give it a small push to jump it.

and then i put some of the gunk in the diesel tank to cleam the bit of smoke and took it for a run of about 10 miles to let it run throught the system.

while traveling the battery light came on and it continued the more i revved the engine the more the battery light came on i had the main lights on as it was dark.

time i got back to town i thought maybe it was the fog light causing a problem so removed it and my friend push started me again.The lights kept getting dimmer and quite frankly i barely go home with it.

so it wasint the fog light i just fitted causing it.

the battery light didint come on in idle just when i put the foot down a bit, but the power was being lost all the time.There was no problem with the electrics/battery before this

ive just bought a battery charger and have the battery on charge as i type this so my questions are.

what could have caused this
what could the problem be

could it have been i should have let it sit idling with no lights on ect for a half hour or so to get the battery a good charge?

could heaven forbid i have shorted my alternator or something

all help much appreciated

posted by  l300

Use your battery charger to see if your battery will hold a charge. If it does then most likely your battery is OK. If it does hold a charge, I suggest you get a manual for your charging system and bench test your alternator because chances are something isn't right with it.

posted by  DodgeRida67


ok got a full charge on the battery, carried it back the 300 yds to my van (left it on a hill incase needed )

put the battery on and it kicked into power no problem, the battery light however came on right away.

ran it back home battery light still on and sounds like the belt was slipping though didint yesterday.

so i hadda take off the plastic cover all in the dark,i had a look where the fan belt is and there are 2 wheels top and two bottom only one has a fan belt on so im thinking i have probably lost my fan belt, i couldnt look under the van its pitch dark but i stuck my hand down spinned the wheels and though together they work seperate so im guessing one is missing and this is where my problem lies and why when i give more revs the battery light comes on more persistant

does this sound about right ?

posted by  l300

im thinking maybe when i push started it the just snapped the fan belt, as i said nothing was wrong up to this point.

here praying !!can get a fanbelt from the local shop an alternator is a diffrent story.and a lot more expensive andything for these vans costs a fortune and takes a wait.Its also my work vehicle cant do my job without it and would need to hire a van while i get the part.costing even more

also what kinda milage will i get in the vehicle before the battery dies if all i do is start it no light s or wipers or nothing.just wondering if i can drive it to get the part or have to arrange a lift from a friend.

posted by  l300

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