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I am thankful for everyone's input..

How hard is it to change the thermostat on a 99 Taurus. Unfortunately, I am only asking for future reference, I already took it to a mehcanic and they charged me about 110 in labor to replace the thermostat... :ohcrap: :doh:

oh yeah, and how quickly should I be getting heat once that happens, anything I should look for..???

MJ :thumbs:

posted by  mj23

Hi there, i am also the owner of a newly aquired 99 ford taurus and i need a little heads up... My car works fine, but after it warms up a bit and after driving for about 20 mins, if i stop at a light and then proceed to take off when the light changes, i get a sort of jerking/ bucking motion, like the transmission in kicking in and the rpm kicks up...does this happen to you or anyone you know with their taurus ? Any idea of how this can be fixed?... thank you

posted by  originaltaxi

it's not hard to do. but to make it easy get your self a repair manual for it. the book will show you step by step what to do. :thumbs: :smoke:

posted by  billy johnson

We just did two of them this week in our shop. 1 hour tops for the diy mechanic. Very easy to do. By the way, if you are having problems getting heat into the interior, have the heater core flushed & back-flushed. It sits in the car horizontally, and by design there is a bypass hose on the heater core hoses to lessen the pressure on the core. That slows down the flow & makes a perfect spot for sediment to sit & plug the core. We just did that on one '99 that had been diagnosed with bad head gaskets by another mechanic. The customer had put up with this condition for a year thinking they had bad head gaskets.

posted by  ultra800_96

do you honestly think 1 year later they will come back and read your input....maybe you just didnt realize the dates, mistakes happen, :banghead:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Ultra..why go and tell someone that a job like that is easy when something simple could go wrong causing it to take an extra 30 minutes to get an air pocket out. Then you end up with a complaint because someone on the internet told them it was easy. To the a thermostat correctly it should take no less than an hour. Every taurus transmission seems to have that jerky motion to them. Doesn't seem to be as noticeable in the 24V's...?

posted by  bigfrye

lol hey ya never know, and he did say for future reference :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

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