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I had a brake light go out on my 1999 Pontiac Montana, drivers side. I changed the top bulb, put in a new 3057 bulb and still no brake light. The bulb works when turning on the regular lights. I checked fuses, nothing is blown, the third lamp works as does the brake light on the passenger side.

Is there a brake light switch I can check? :banghead:

posted by  All6ofUs

i believe both brake lights work on same switch and fuse. the only difference is wiring.. if one works and other dont , it should be open(cut) wire.. or bad bulb connector.. get a multimeter and check for volts when some1 steps on brakes.

posted by  thongsai

Try the turn signals, They most often use the brake light. I have seen a turn signal flasher or the turn signal switch cause a brake light problem on just one side.

posted by  ErnieIII

thanks guys - I'll check those things. I've heard the GM tail lamps have a problem with shorts, my only problem is finding a GM dealer in Germany close by! :ohcrap:

posted by  All6ofUs

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