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I recently changed out a leaking intake gasket on my wifes 94/Suburban/350/auto. I took about 50 digital pictures of the top of the engine as to assure it's correct reinstallation. (who's the engineer that designed rigid ss lines to the throttle body with a clamp on the back of the engine preventing removal of the lines from the tb, new curse words where learned!) I marked the distributer prior to removal, so it's very close to where it was prior to removal.
My problem now is: the engine, when cold, pings like a diesel under load, but goes away after good warm up... Needing to do easy things first, need to check the exact timing, but the problem I can't find the single wire plug to bypass the computer as to check the mechanical timing. The Haynes book AND the radiator decal says it's behind the relay/junction cover on the firewall. Be darned if I can find a tan/black stripe wire/connector there. I talked to GM about it and they told me to look under the pax side carpet under the dash for it. Any thoughts on this??
If I find this connector and find the timing to be OK, where should I go next, it has something to do with it being cold, and worked ok prior to intake removal. Haynes says little on pinging (check timing) , GM says bring it in...........
Thanks for any help on this! KD :guns:

posted by  smokstrs

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