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I recently installed a new intake gasket on my 94/Suburban/350/auto/TBFI. I took about 60 pictures of the top of the engine to assure it's correct reinstallation. (the rigid stainless lines on the back of the tb where fun!!! :guns: )
The problem is: When cold, the engine pings like a diesel-bad, when it warms up it goes away. I had to remove the distributor to remove the intake, and it was marked so it should be darn close to where it was prior to removal, but need to make sure it is exact. New problem: The Haynes manual, and the fan shroud decal says there is a tan/blk stiped wire/connector under the relay/juntion cover panel on the firewall. Be darned if I can find a single wire connector at this location, I contacted GM and they reluctantly told me to look under the carpet on the pax side under the dash(????) will check here tonight. I have to find this connector and unhook it as to check the exact mechanical timing/set it if need be. So, any info on where this connector is??????????????
If I find it/timing is verified ok and still pings, then where should I go?? It has to do with engine temp, and it was ok prior to intake removal. Haynes doesn't say much about pinging, (check timing), GM says "bring it in".

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. KD

posted by  smokstrs

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