97 Saturn SL2 won't start at all... help!

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Alright, my dad is a firestone tech and he is being a bastard to me. He moved my car this morning, and now it won't turn over at all. No power to anything. The key just goes through the ignition, it doesn't even try to start. The battery is still there, still connected, and I've charged it all day and its still dead. The fuses are all there, and I tried jumping it, no luck, still doesn't turn over. All the spark plugs are connected and there. What could he have done to make it not work at all anymore? I heard if he cut the starter, it won't turn over. Any help?

O yea, last night it worked fine, and it did this morning too right before he left for work. He moved it, then did something and now it wont work at all. No battery light last night, or check engine light.

posted by  Ivoryblade

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