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lately my camaro has had a few problems starting up, I'm able to start the engine to warm it up (its been reall frosty here lately) Then i take out the keys to lock up my house,and then i go to start the car again and all it does is try to turn over, I leave it be for around 30 min or so then it will start up, but not any sooner.. Any Ideas of what would cause this? the engine is a v6, 2.8L? automatic


posted by  83camaro

How old is the battery and how clean are the connections at the battery posts? A check would be to turn your deadlights on the next time the car does not start. If they look bright, try the starter and watch the lights (for the wise guys, some people have a long neck) if the lights go dim when the key is turned, you can suspect either a bad battery or a bad battery connection. Many times when the battery is bad, putting a charger on the battery for about two minutes will correct the problem until the next time. Two minutes is not enough to charge the battery, but may temporarally correct the internal battery problem. If a one or two minute charge seems to fix the problem, I would get a new battery. Correcting a bad terminal connection is basic, once realized.

posted by  ErnieIII

Ive checked the Battery and the connection (everytime i go under the hood) and its all neat and clean.. next time i go out at night i will check thanks

posted by  83camaro

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