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I have a 1984 Ford LTD that's 3.8 liter and fuel injected. I have this problem that started six months ago and seems to be getting worse. Sometimes, I'll be driving and I'll press down on the gas and the car slows down like the engine is going to die. I let off the gas and it speeds up. I press down and it slows down again. Sometimes, I'm able to just stomp on the gas and it'll go. But today, the car almost came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Sometimes, when I'm turning and not giving it gas, it'll die. Though, that hasn't happened since I changed the spark plugs (read more later about what I've done).

Also, it has begun to idle up and down, even dying, after starting. It'll sometimes just shake the car because when it idles down it's pretty rough. I'll hit the gas to keep it going, but then it'll just die if I let it idle down. This sometimes stops after five minutes. Sometimes, when I put it in reverse or drive, it'll just die. This is a newer problem, though I think it may all be related.

I just changed the plugs and wires. I also replaced a PVC filter thingy. I've changed the fuel filter twice. I've had a sensor replaced and a coil. I have also tried all kinds of fuel treatment stuff including water removers and injector cleaners.

Please, anybody, help. This is the only car I have.

Blessed Be,

Jason Hodges

posted by  deadlove75

The only other parts in your tune up that i always suggest, is a distributer cap and rotor. It's a fairly cheap part and normally easy to instal. The dist. cap might have some corrosion in it causing the car not to fire properly. Hope this helps.

posted by  Chris112783

A tune-up and/or checking the fuel pump and if needing replacement may help you with your problem.

posted by  The_Wheelman

Check for an exhaust obstruction, IE catylitic converter or muffler plugged and also have a qualified shop examine to see if your valves are bent or warped. I went through a plugged cat with a 96 Dodge Ram and warped valves on a 94 Escort, they both acted similiar to your problem. Cheers.

posted by  Jeep & K5

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