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I have a 90 Honda Accord LX 4 door, automatic. Today my cruise control would not function. And yesterday my RPM odometer stopped functioning. I haven't had them checked out as yet, but just soliciting some information before. I'm suspecting it might be some fuses issues. But I'm not a mechanic, so my assumption is worth as much as you think.

N E clue on what may be happening? Have you heard of this incident before?

posted by  jackbnimble24

the rpm or the speedometer? rpm is how fast engine spins, and speedometer is how fast car is going.. cruise control highly depends on sensor input from VSS( vehicle speed sensor) check if ur speedometer cable is broken..

if it really is rpm broken, check for the sensor that works the rpm.. crank or cam sensor. make sure that rpm meter even works b4 tryin to test serious sensors.

posted by  thongsai

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