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1991 3/4 ton suburban 350 engine, 6 yr old rebuilt trans,109000 miles, new dist,wires,coil,plugs,fuel filter, With engine hot or cold, vehicle seems to be hesitant when accelerating, needs more gas to go, does not choke or miss. fuel econ about 8 mpg, at higher speed does just ok, seems to need more power, any ideas???thanks

posted by  jets99

Did you replace the entire dist. or just the cap? have you checked the dist rotor, and possibly where the timing is set at? You can try to advance the timing to get more power, but i suggest you have it done if you are not familiar with a timing light and adjusting timing. hope this helps

posted by  Chris112783

thanks chris , already done. vehicle still runs rough in rain and when the voltage indicator dips below 12 v , also still slow with acceleration from a stop. once its going its fine,,

posted by  jets99

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