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Friend of mine needs some help, PLEASE!!!! He has a 1986 Mazda 626. 2.0 fuel injection, this is all the info. I was given. Not long ago the car started to just die while going down the road. He says he is replacing several things to pinpoint it w/ no luck. Says it runs different amounts of time before it dies, other than that he says it runs perfectly, starts perfectly. Any suggestions at all????

posted by  Carstupid32

I had the same problem with a 93 626. I ended up disconnecting the exhaust at the bottom of the manifold pipe...... worked fine. Turns out the catalytic converter was partially plugged. Replaced it and car still runs fine. Another thing common on older mazdas is the ignition coil gradually going bad.

posted by  sam11572

I had a similar problem with an 88 rx7. the problem was it would start to die out like it was running out of gas. It was the converter.tell him to try that. it's pretty easy to unbolt the exhaust.

posted by  moparboy

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