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Ok here's the thing, I have a 97 Ford Taurus G. I know its not the best car but it gets me around. It's in good condition and I put in a kick ass sound system. But the thing is that i want me car to have move acceleration. But I don't want to put too much money into it because I plan on upgradion in a couple of years. I had some one tell me that the fuel pump and a governer were inside the gas tank, and that the governer was keeping my acceleration real crappy. Is this just some story or is there some truth in his story. And if it is true would it be possible to remove the governer without damaging the performance of the car, while increasing the acceleration, and speed. And if there is no such governer what other inexpensive ways could I get better acceleration. (Other than a supercharger).

P.S ALso when i Floor it my car has terrible reaction time and take a few seconds to accelerate. If I pump the gas pedel i get better acceleration, why is that and how can i get better reaction time?

posted by  godspeed_2626

1. Yes, the fuel pump is in the gas tank.

2. Governor in the gas tank? That's a new one, time to start getting advice elsewhere.

3. The cheapest way to get better acceleration from your car would be to put smaller diameter front tires on it. Of course the trade-offs will be worse fuel economy, increased rpm at cruising speed, and it'll probably look funny.

4. "Pumping" the gas pedal will do nothing to increase acceleration, unless you have an existing engine management problem. If you do, and you fix it, you may find it accelerates just fine.

posted by  vwhobo

Let's assume for a minute that a larger diameter MAF is available, doubt it, maybe, who cares, but we'll go with it. Now read his post. He said INEXPENSIVE. Do you have any idea what MAF sensor costs? Didn't think so.

posted by  vwhobo

larger mass air flow sensor (if one's available)

posted by  stangthis03

1 it's a grocery gitter, save your money.
2 toss the sound system, i bet it weights too much. :)

posted by  (o) (o)

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