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i have a 97 nissan altima 5-speed, and in idle it runs fine, i can rev it and what not. i can drive it to hell and back going straight, but when i turn a corner, or go around a curve fast, it stalls. please help... thanks

posted by  housour04

I'll only throw a guess at this because you provided so little information. I'll also assume that it starts right back up because you didn't say otherwise.

Look at your battery terminals. Japanese style clamps are a two piece affair. They have a nasty habit of loosening (or not being tightened) just enough that they'll loose contact on a corner (Altimas seem to favor right turns). No contact, no power, no run. Let me know what you find.

posted by  vwhobo

my battery once came off when i was driving, but the car still ran fine, it's an integra. any clues? maybe nissans are different......

posted by  ULnv4ever

Your battery came off? Gee that is interesting, I hate it when that happens. I typically make a doctor's appointment when that occurs to make sure my head is still unplugged from my asshole.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Yes well, batterys have 6 small cell, each cell is seperated in to a number of little chambers, these cells are split up into chambers to keep the negative and postive apart of course, each cell is sepeprated by a piece of metal this is to keep the electic current flowing, now if your battery fell out of your car then the chambers could have broken and negative and positive feed together, or u could loose some eletric current, so basicly buy a new battary, diagram below.

posted by  stringer001

Like this person I have a '97 altima. Its an automatic and the problem I'm having is that when i am in drive and lay off the gas or come to a complete stop and then try to accelerate it seems like the car takes a little while to shift back into gear. this happens more when the car is just started.

anyone have any idea what this problem might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

posted by  dondada30

Two problems in one thread may become confusing, but How many miles on this car? Could it be the motor is hesitating when you first gas it from a standstill or is it definitely transmission? Once you're stopped it should go into low (1st) it doesn't wait for you to gas it.

Incidentally do you know the car's history? How has it been driven and maintained over the years.

Have you checked the transmission fluid level? Done when hot user's manual tells you how let us know if it's good, high, low!

posted by  HighWayMan

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