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I am new to these forums so hi:) I just recently purchased my first car ( I am 15 years old). It is a 1986.5 Toyota Supra Liftback. Bought it from a close friend for a very good price. It is in near perfect condition. Needs new shocks and struts but thats about it. Has an aftermarket stereo in it and I just replaced the hood hydraulics. It also needs new trim as the side trim is rusty, bubbly, and some of it is beginning to come off. The fog lights don't seem to work for some reason. I took them off and looked at the bulbs and they are fine, connected fine, etc.. The fuses and circuit breakers are fine also, maybe the switch? Please help me, thanks alot for your help.

posted by  86.5Supra

We can maybe ourselves until the end of time. What you need to do is some basic electrical troubleshooting. Get out your manual (you've got one right?) and your trusty test light and start at the beginning. You'll probably find the fault is simpler than you think. Good luck.

posted by  vwhobo

Will try that. I checked out the fuse for the fog lights though and it isn't blown. Yes I have a manual and have looked through it. I will try that though and tell you if it worked or not, thanks for your help.

posted by  86.5Supra

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