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1990-2 door- eagle talon, has trouble starting in cold weather, will run throughout the day, then after a cold night, has trouble starting if starts at all. Starts right up when the weather is above freezing. isn't water in the gas tank. any answers???

posted by  ODELZ21

Did you check the automatic choke on the carburator? I am not familiar with that engine, but it is old enough to have a carburator and choke assy. When the engine is cold, remove the air cleaner and look at the choke butterfly at the top of the carburator. The butterfly should be positioned to close the venturi hole. You may have to press the gas pedel to the floor and let it up to close the choke. If after pressing the pedel to the floor, the butterfly does not close, try to close it manually with your finger. The temperature operated spring may not be functioning, which closes the choke during cold temperatures.

If the choke was open, try starting the engine after closing the choke. (It is a good idea to replace the air cleaner prior to starting the engine) If the engine starts, you may now have a problem if the choke does not open again when the engine heats up.

posted by  ErnieIII

That is entirely possible, I just guessed by the age of the vehicle.

posted by  ErnieIII

the choke is replaced by the ect.. check for resistance to match with manu spec for that temp

posted by  thongsai

since a couple other people have asked this, I thought I might post some of the clues given by the Haynes manual, just something to check into that may or may not be helpful:


Engine Hard to start when cold

1 Battery discharged or low

2 Malfunctioning fuel system

3 Faulty cold start injector

4 Injector(s) leaking

5 Distributor rotor carbon tracked

6 Faulty coolant temperature sensor


Of course, some of these may be vehicle specific (the manual is for '92 - '96 Camry), but I'm sure at least some of them would be general. Good luck.

posted by  JaneiR36

Thanks for the responses I'll check them out

posted by  ODELZ21

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