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Hi all,

Here is my situation and I'd expect suggestions for diagnostics and possible repair:
I have a 1999 Ford Escort.

The airbag light was tuning on and at the same time the current was going so down that the lights on the dashboard were getting to about 1/3 of their usual strength. I decided there is a leak somewhere and tried to find it by looking all the cables going to the steering wheel and under the dashboard, but they seemed in tact and also the ones in the engine compartment. I looked as well for burnet fuses and all were OK, both in the engine compartment and under the dashboard and on the left near the door. No fuses gone and no obvious shorts.

Still... my car is disabled now and I am trying to find the reason, because it is unclear how much the service will charge me if I don't know what could be the probable cause for this problem.

Please, any ideas?

posted by  evgueni

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