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Hey This is my first time using this web site so please bear with me if im a lil rough. But ya my name is Jordan im from a small town and I dont know alot about mechanics but i like to try the hands on approach and maybe learn something and we dont have a garage so all my work is done in a spare lot next to my house lol anyways.

My problem is with my 1997 pontiac firefly, its a 1.0 liter manual sohc. What happens is when im driving and I try to shift down from third to second it wont go into gear and this began to do it this summer, now several months later it is doing the same when I try to go from second to first. But when the car is parked and running it shifts through the gears no problem.

Ive asked a few people and ive heard answers like i need to adjust my transmission linkages or more serious like the syncros. Is this something i can fix easily by myself or do i need to take it into a shop?

If you have an answer it would be great thanx

Jordan---> my email is mighty_who_2@hotmail.com

posted by  mighty_who_2

since u can move shifter through all gears when car is not moving, that tells us that its nothing blocking shifter.. now yes.. i think this is internal. when u say it wont shift into gear, u mean u can t get it in no matter wat? or u can force it in but it makes mad grinding noises.

posted by  thongsai

It will not go into 1st or second when the car is still rolling, it dosnt grind its just wont go into gear but when it is completly stopped it moves freely through all the gears even with the engine running and clutch engaged.

Thanks for takin the time to reply....Jordan

posted by  mighty_who_2

yep thats something internal.. most likely the syncros.. that is no easy job.. u would have to take it to a tranny shop to have em check it..

posted by  thongsai

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