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I have been having a strange "no start" issue with my beloved Sentra. It's parked in a garage in San Francisco, so weather is not an issue. It gets spark, it turns over, does everything but ignite and start up. I could sit there with the key turn and it would turn over forver, but just not start.

I brought it in once, and the mechanic discovered that the timing was way off. He adjusted the timing, and suggested that I might get a new solenoid to keep the timing regulated. It was a relatively cheap fix so I did that. He also mentioned that the computer could be failing to control the timing, but I opted with the cheaper solenoid first.

All was fairly well since, although it stalled once when accelerating from an idle stop. It has NEVER stalled before. Every now and then, it would take a little bit longer than usual to startup. Then, last night, it failed to start completely. This morning, I went to test it and it fired right up. Very odd. The mechanic looked at it again, and said as long as it's starting there's really nothing else he can do apart than throw parts at it and make educated guesses.

I read another post about a Dodge Neon with a similar problem, and all the mechanic did was blow dust out of the ignition housing (where the key is inserted). I'm ready to try anything, but if anyone had any other ideas, could you please post 'em up!


Other notes-
Miles - 114,000
Make Model - 95 Nissan Sentra GXE
Has a timing chain, not a timing belt

posted by  Sentra_95

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