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OK I'm new here so bear with me. My husband and I have my father's 1995 Buick Riviera which needs lots of work. We had the major work done already and we are slowly getting the little things done now. Anyway my question is, does anyone know how to disarm the factory alarm on this vehicle. We didn't know it had an alarm and I don't think my father ever used it. By the way, my father passed away on Memorial Day of this year in case anyone is wondering why we didn't ask him first. The alarm went off on the car last night when my husband put the key in the lock to open the door and he didn't know how to stop it. He finally disconnected the battery. We had a new key made for the door this past weekend because my father lost his key a long time ago. My father bought a Harley Davidson Pick up and no longer needed the Riviera so he stored the car at his friend's yard for about 2 years and there it sat neglected. The windows were left down and the steering column was broken and had to be replaced. We just want to disconnect the alarm until we get the owner's manuel in which I plan to order today. Thanks! Jenn

posted by  Jenn218

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