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So how much air should one put in their tires, really?

I've seen so much conflicting information on this subject.

First, I started off putting the amount wirtten on the tires. Then I found out this was wrong.

Then I started using the information on the glove box and in the manual.

Then I saw from the Advance Auto (or was it Auto Zone) website that you should put the amt specified by the manufacturer, plus about 2 to 3 psi in each tire for optimum life of the tires and fuel economy.

And finally, I've also heard that you should put the manufacturer specified amt in each tire, plus about 2 psi in each front tire. They said the front is heavier than the back and so you should never put more air in the back tires than the front.

So which is it? Please help. :umh:

posted by  JaneiR36

Read this, it may help.

posted by  lectroid

wow. Both of your responses was everything I needed to know about tire pressure :clap:

So what I did was first thing this morning, I decided to set the pressure to the specified amount on the glove box (for cold tire pressure). I did set it to about 1 psi above that, because today seemed warm compared to normal morning temperatures.

I also decided to discard the idea of putting 2 more psi in the front tires compared to the back, because over the course of the day the temperature would obviously rise (and I would drive the car as well), and it would then be an additional increase of 3 to 5 psi, clearly putting the tire pressure above that on the sidewall of the tires.***

I'm totally clear on the subject. Thanks you guys :thumbs:

***ack. Clearly, tblaxier said "cold" tire pressure. So that doesn't count what it would increase to once the air in the tire heats up. I'll have to look into this added air on the front tires some more. But not too seriously.

posted by  JaneiR36

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