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I have problems starting my 92 Ford Taurus (V6 3.8L automatic, 9.5K miles). In recent 2 months, it often won't start after the engine has been turned off for a few hours (e.g. 1-2 hr). Usually there are no problems after it has been turned off for a long time, e.g. overnight. When the problem occurs I have to ask a helper to turn the ignition key while I use a hammer to tap the outside of the starter.

I had the battery checked in Sam's club. They said it's a good battery. I had the starter replaced by the mechanic 13 months ago. Actually I had the starter changed every year in the last 3 years. I’d appreciate any ideas/suggestions you would have.

Thanks a lot!

posted by  longma

If you are tapping the starter with a hammer then it more than likely sounds like the starter soleniod has gone out. You will have to remove the starter more than likely to replace it, you can normally purchase the solenoid seperate from the starter, but not always. Hope this helps.

posted by  Chris112783

I have had close to the same problem with my 92 Taurus.

Ran fine, and later when trying to start, if it made any sound, it was a 1 tink sound per ignition turn. Sometimes it didn't even make that.

Starter, Solenoid, and/or relay most likely.

posted by  Badger_N

I had a ford with the same prob. I found the bolts were backing off and the bendix gear was binding on the shaft. With a couple of hits of the hammer it would come free. Next time you go to replace or fix the starter, put some blue lock thread sealent on the bolts before you torque them in. Hope this helps

posted by  jimc259

Yanked out the starter, and found out the bushings are bad. Time to buy a new starter (sigh).

If it isn't one thing, it is another.

posted by  Badger_N

Hello all, newbie here!
I am having the same problem with my starter but I don't know where it is located :screwy: ! LOL! Can somebody help me out?

posted by  foundryman

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