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I drive a 96 toyota corolla w/ about 110,000 miles and am concerned about excessive oil consumption. Presently the car goes through about 1 quart per 1,000 miles. I suspect that I know the cause of the problem. About 11 months when I first got the car, I didn't know much about engines at all and overfilled it by three quarts (!!!). After overfilling it I drove about 10 miles and it felt kind of sluggish. I told a friend about how much oil I put in and then they gasped. 11 months down the road i still don't know much about engines except that overfull oil is bad. I'm sure I did some kind of damage, but the car is still totally driveable. After it happened, I burned about 1 qt per 1,500 miles... but it seems to be getting worse. I read that replacing the valve stem seals can curb oil consumption. If I took it into a dealer, would they likely be able to find an easy cure? Or am I just screwed...?


posted by  mslater

First get an idea where the oil is going. Does it smoke quite badly while you are driving? Does it smoke a blue cloud when you first start it in the morming? Does it leak oil on the ground? Did it use oil before you put the extra oil ,did you add oil because it needed oil?

posted by  ErnieIII

Ernie said everything that I can think of...would have to ask the other half but he managed to make it to work today! LoL

Smoking bad while driving?
Does it leave a fresh oil spot on the ground after being parked?

posted by  Dawn7246

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