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I've got a 93' intrepid and its been a great car so far but recently The rad fans have been running constantly while the car is on and normally I wouldn't really care but they also cut on and off a lot as well. So I don't know why the fan comes on right away in the first place and I also don't know why is cuts on and of so much. Ive checked the realy switches and the fuses and they're all good soo if anyone can help me I would Greatly appreciate it

posted by  bowmaster007

I think the first thing I would do is locate the temperature sensors. There is probably more than one, as one is usually used to indicate the indicate the engine temperature and the other to control the fans. I don't know where the fan sensor is located on you car.

Next I would disconnect the wires going to the sensors. When in doubt, disconnect them all. (make sure they are temperature sensors) If the sensor is bad, the fans should not run when you start a cold engine with it disconnected. (Unless possible A/C relay)

You said you checked the relays, did you check the contacts in the relay to see if they are stuck together?

The fans have brushes in the motors which wear down and can cause problems. Usually one fan is controlled by the A/C, which turns on a fan when the A/C is turned on. Lots of possibilities. It adds to the mystery due to the fact that the fans cycle frequently.

If you determine why they turn on when you start the engine, I think you will be closer to solving the problem. One step at a time.

posted by  ErnieIII

Hey thanks a lot guys :wink2: I will certainly look at the relay contacts and the temperature sensors as well but just to clear it up I forgot to mention theat my a/c is broken because the water pump or whatever controls it is seized up.

posted by  bowmaster007

If the compressor is seized up, it seems the belt would be smoked from slipping on the non turning pulley. Nothing was said about a bad belt...be interesting to know why the A/C is actually not working, along with the fan problem.

posted by  ErnieIII

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