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I have an '04 S-10 Blazer Extreme, 2wd, auto, Vortec 4.3. It has 5,500 miles on it, was purchased new. I have been smelling coolant when the motor is hot but could not find a leak. No detectable loss, or having to add any. I finally found the intake manifold to be "wet" just under the AC compressor area. Its pudding on the intake and the area that meets the block is wet all along the gasket. It is going to the dealer for repairs. Im wondering if this is common on this motor ? Im also having a problem accepting the gas mileage, its getting 12.8 mpg on the highway. I have talked to the dealer before and they told me this is about normal for this vehicle. Is this normal ? If soo, thsi truck is getting traded fast. I have friends with full size 4x4's that get better mileage. Thanks for any input. Gater

posted by  Gater

Hey i have have 2005 chevy blazer and i have the same kinda problem, but you gotta remember it's a 4.3L V6 Vortec, the blazer is a pulling machine so maybe switch to 2WD more often or if u want an SUV with good fuel mileage i don't think it's an SUV that you want.

posted by  Ripplefxx

I have a 1998 Jimmy that loses coolant everyday about 8 oz depending on how much it is driven, I now top it up every morning, this is rather an expensive process, but I have replaced the water pump twice since I purchased it in 2002, and have since tracked down the problem to this, the question is where does it go, there is no leaks under the truck, one suggestion is it is leaking at the head gasket and burning up in the intense heat, I do not want dre do the gasket particularly since it runs fine and I think it was this way since the day I bought it, any ideas to find and stop the leak LMullin

posted by  LMullin

a simple cooling system pressure test will reveal all your problems

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Right after he spends $100 or more on a pressure tester. :mrgreen:

But yes, those are very handy. Expensive... But handy. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

SNAP-ON baby payment plans rock !

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

its an 04 u got new, is it under warrenty? if not why? take it to the dealer and tell them it's there problem :banghead:

posted by  monteofdoom

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