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I bought a 89 sentra, 2dr 5spd 1.6L. It starts, but you have to pump gas and runs rough. After warming up it will idle, still rough, but can hold it's own until i try to drive. driving is not an option, because you have to pump the gas to try to keep it running. I checked the timing with my light and it is advanced almost as far as it can go, but when i try to retard it, the car either dies, or starts to stall. another thing is that when i hit the brake pedal it dies, and when i turned on the blower motor, it died. so i thought it had a power drain, but when i turn the headlight on it doesn't affect anything. I know it has bosch plat 4 plugs and recently new wires. Plan to change cap and rotor but not positive if that will fix anything, and thats just throwing money away.

posted by  Chris112783

Check your air intake module.(next to the carb)

posted by  medina5426

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