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I have a 1994 Altima that I am having some trouble with. I am pretty much a novice to vehicle repairs.

Here's the story:

A couple weeks ago I got onto the freeway, went to accelerate, and it pretty much wouldn't. The vehicle maxed at about 35MPH and 3,000 RPM. I pulled over and once I slowed down it stalled. After 10-15 minutes I had it running again and it seemed to be working normal so I drove it home and while pulling into my driveway it stalled on me. The next evening I replaced the fuel filter. It seemed to be okay for a couple days, but then it started having trouble again. It stalls pretty much every day at some point while idling (sometimes while driving, but with foot off gas, like pulling into parking spot). It has stalled 1 time while actually driving, which was on the freeway, out of nowhere it just stalled on me. After restarting to get to the next exit, the car momentarily started acting like the initial time, with maxed slow speed and RPM, but then it recuperated on me and acted normal.

When stalling, it will usually start running really rough and RPMs will die down until it stalls. Sometimes I can pull it out of the stall with some gas, sometimes I can't. I don't remember what it typically used to idle at, but it seems to be idling at about 700RPM.

I have:
- Checked fluids (and changed oil and filter)
- Replaced fuel filter
- Replaced air filter
- Ran fuel injector cleaner through tank

Any suggestions on what to look into to fix this? Thanks.

posted by  bfeller

I had the codes pulled. None pulled up, however, they did state that the ignition rotor was arching to ground. A new distributor cap and rotor later, we'll see if that's the problem.

posted by  bfeller

:ohcrap: I am having the same problems with my altima right now and I was wondering if you could advise if you are currently having the problems or if you had the problem fixed what was the problems. I am hearing different things from different people, some say fuel pump, some say fuel filter. I am not sure. Hope you can advise. Pretty frustrating. :banghead:

posted by  mlee

I just bought a 94 GXE with 180k from coworker who described having the same stalling problem as this thread. It died on me and wouldn't restart. Cap and rotor looked like they should be replaced so I am hopeful, should know this weekend. So do you have good news to report after replacing your cap and rotor?

posted by  dmann312

I have just started to have the same problem as first discribed. I just bought the car and ran great gor one week and just yesterday I started to have this problem. I just changed the fuel filter out and put some gas treatment in(the guy I bought it from has many cars and I figured it may have been seating awhile and moisture got into the gas). Please email me if you know what is the exact cause of this,and cost to fix? (Ben-N-Jerrie@msn.com). Seems to be a common problem.

posted by  KuuipoBP

Try cleaning the Idle Air Control Valve and EGR valve. Carbon build-up may be the issue.

posted by  theinfamious

There is also a fuel injection machine called motorvac which is known to be very effective when removing carbon and other particules. www.motorvac.com

posted by  theinfamious

Thanks, I'll try that this weekend when I am not working and I'll read about those parts in my repair manuel till then.

Appreciate your answer

posted by  KuuipoBP

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