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Just curious if any of you are aware of specific problems with Dexcool that GM is using in most of their '98+ cars?

I have a 2000 Sunfire (2.2 engine), 78,000 miles. I took the car in for routine oil change, winterization on Fri. On Sunday, I began to have problems with car intermittently overheating. I took the car back to the shop on Monday and asked them to check the oil filter and work they had done on prior Friday.
They called back and said it was the water pump. I thought it was a bit coincidental since I had not had any problems with the car overheating prior to I retrieved the car and decided to do a little more research. The car ran perfectly fine on the way home.
It is my understanding that water pump symptoms involve humming, whistling or rattling sounds and that water pumps do not intermittently work and then not work.

I doubt that it is a head gasket. I have had a gasket blow before on a former car and the other symptoms are not there.

In searching the net, I found a great deal of problems with Dexcool that GM uses and is supposed to last 150,000 miles. It seems that around 75,000 to 80,000 miles it turns sludgy and begins to coagulate.

I also understand that as long as the cooling system is completely flushed and the Dexcool is completely removed that "regular" antifreeze can be used instead.

I plan to take the car to a radiator shop on Monday and have them to do exactly that and replace the thermostat.

Do any of you coolant experts have any opinions or advice?

posted by  Sunfire2000

Yes, take it to the radiator shop. I would be wary of your last repair shop.But opinions are like :asshake:

posted by  lectroid

The problem was a bulging radiator hose and the radiator cap was shot. $36 parts, 1.25 hrs labor which included flushing out the Dexcool (which the Radiator shop recommended) and changing the thermostat.

No more overheating problems!

posted by  Sunfire2000

i just got a job with Jiffy Lube, and from what i hear, Dexcool is CRAP.. Peak is CRAP.. go with the green!! What i would do, is examine your radiator cap, and see if the spring in the middle still moves, look for corrosion or other gunk.. if your cap is bad, it will suck out of the overflow.. if that seems to be fine, bring it to somewhere where they have a 'Hydrometer', this will check the amount of Water to Coolant, thus will help you as well.. if you have more water, obviously it's going to tend to boil easier.. go to jiffy lube and have them check it!! they can flush it for 69.99 !!!! hahahahhah

posted by  Jediah

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