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Hi guys, First timer here...

1994 Explorer
182,000 miles

Had a CEL and took to Ford (had to so i could find what's wrong with it so i can get it fixed before inspection time :cussing: ) needless to say it was expensive and costed me 85 bucks. They said that i need to replace the dpfe sensor and would cost 286 bucks. right away i knew it was a rip off. I called parts dept from Ford and they wouldnt give me a straight answer. if i wanted to buy one from them, 126 bucks. so I googled for answers and it seems like that people say to avoid the dpfe sensor from gornsen and wells. where can i find a good quality dpfe sensor thats cheap?

my question is Is F1az9j460a (my orignal part) the same as F77Z9J460ab (supposely the newer part)?

Thanks for any inputs

posted by  Nutso

Sorry no one has replied to your post. I had a similiar problem on my 3.8L windstar. If your engine is the 3.8L V6. Then the answer is yes. Ford does not sell the original DPFE sensor that is on your engine from the factory(original part number was defective-although Ford will not admit it publicly). My dealer wanted 300 bucks to replace mine. I bought the part from the parts dept and changed it myself for $89. It took me 10 minutes to change. The sensor is located on the bell housing usually just below the back of one of the valve covers. -Good luck

posted by  tr918

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